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LipSmart: Lip Volumizer and Moisturizer

Maybe I’m too nice because while my boyfriend has no problem telling me that my lips are too sticky or that my face cream, by mere face-to-face momentary contact, is making him break-out, I’d never tell him that he needs to stop using Axe (I mean really….), or that it’s time to switch from just water and soap to shampoo and conditioner (he swears by water and soap…sure it may be good for preserving his hair’s “natural oils,” but it doesn’t smell clean and fresh!). Don’t get me wrong my boyfriend is the sweetest guy I’ve ever met and maybe it’s because I take my beauty regimen so seriously that I sometimes take offense, but living with him has definitely made me more conscious about what I lather on my face before I go to bed. So, when I was asked if I wanted to try LipSmart ($30) I thought sure why not! I’ve been using it for about three weeks and honestly I can’t say that my lips look any bigger. That said LipSmart is moisturizing without being sticky, smelly, or imparting any sort of color, which happens to fit what I’m looking for in a lip product and seems to be fairly rare for a volumizer.

You can read all about what this treatment product is supposed to do here. I can’t vouch that it does all that it promises, but I’ve never actually come across a lip product that has given my lips more than a temporary plump (have you??), so non-sticky moisturizer is always my number concern.


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