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Look of the Week: Halle Berry Gives Good Face


We all know Halle Berry is a natural beauty, but one of her best assets proves to be the fact that she understands what that really means. The “red carpet” should not translate to “clown face.” Overly painted lips, lids, and face are as ubiquitous at awards shows as Vivier clutches. I’ll take the bags, but too much visible makeup has got to go!

At the FiFi Awards, Halle proves you can look as natural as you do glamorous. The key is it to keep the focus on the eyes, with smooth skin and lips that are finished but not “done.”

1) Glowing skin may be achieved via the Peau Vierge tinted moisturizing treatment ($125) from Le Métier de Beauté. The result is light coverage, not thick cake. Dab a touch of the Corrector Concealer under your eyes for good measure (just a week of use and your dark circles are diminished) – you want the focus to be on your sensual eyes.

3) A smoky smudge topped with lush lashes is your priority. Chanel‘s Quadra Eyeshadowicon ($57) in either Enigma or Demure give you a full palette to blend with. Eyeliner would look too sharp and severe, so use shadow as liner and layer with care. A couple of coats of Clinique‘s Naturally Glossy mascaraicon ($14.50), and you’re good to flutter.

4) Just the lightest dusting of shimmer on the cheeks is all you need. Use a fluffy brush to sweep on Bobbi Brown‘s Shimmer Brick in bronze ($38).

5) The same concept applies to your lips. A single coat for a touch of natural color to richen your pout. Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Lip Color ($22) in Burnt Sugar is a nude bronze, a new shade that’s perfect for summer nights.




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