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L’Wren Scott “Lula” Launch: L’Wren’s Bag of Tricks

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At the Barneys New York breakfast on Wednesday morning, celebrating the launch of L’Wren Scott‘s new – and first full-sized – line of bags, interviewer Adam Glassman made it clear: “L’Wren would rather be behind the camera, instead to in front of it. She’s not a woman who screams like other people we know!” Indeed, she has no need to.

Obsessed with the details behind what makes clothes fit, she became an image-maker. Working as a high-profile stylist, she found she could never find “perfect-fitting pieces” – she is passionate about celebrating the female form – and thus, her foray into fashion design. Now, bags!

L’Wren conceived the “Lula” bags in three sizes (small, medium, and a weekender) and named the line after her mother (“Her bag,” she recalls, “always made a noise when she came home, put her keys in it, and closed her bag”). It was out of a yearning for a bag very structured and tailored yet useful. A bag in which to hide all your tricks.

By that token, “Lula” is a smash – and L’Wren was sure to include a few tricks of her own. This is a classic, ladylike bag that sits pertly and perkily (and the clutches are large and purposeful; the new envelope has a chain option). Hardware is sleek, modern, and minimal in gunmetal, so no messing with matching or clashing metals.

The palette lures you in, rich and neutral: an almost-black hybrid of ebony, blue, and gray in crocodile is a standout, as is the red-tinged mauve, while deep purple leather is meant to function like black “if you’re a girl who only likes a black bag” (not L’Wren – she has only owned one black bag in her life!). But it’s the thoughtful, practical details that make the “Lulas” keepers.

She believes bags should be comfortable, first and foremost. “Lula” expands to a size much larger than it looks and has contoured handles that will actually stay on your shoulder. The larger size is designed with an iPad pocket and loads of room to spare – and the best part? The exotic editions, along with the weekender, come with an evening clochette discreetly hidden inside. Even more discreet is the logo, obscurely placed on the inner lining.

Musing on her love of travel, L’Wren noted, “Wherever you are, there’s going to be something exciting to see, but it’s up to you to go and find it.” The same applies to her bags. Look closely to discover the tricks. There’s more than meets the eye. At Barneys New York

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I can’t decide on the size I want in the Lula bag but I know for sure it will be a python! It’s sickeningly gorgeous!

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  1. Not jazzy enough for my taste, but I could probably go for the red. My biggest issue is that they don’t appear to be able to go over the shoulder. Again with bags that big and heavy, you need to have that option.