MAC “To the Beach” Lustre Drops: Just a Hint of Glint


The classic standby highlighter has been re-released with a “To the Beach” makeover. Meaning the cap is white instead of black. Yes, the packaging looks fresh, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and this teeny-tiny bottle can make your whole face appear even fresher.

There’s a reason this product has stuck around. MAC Lustre Drops gives the glow of a shimmering bronzer without the color or commitment. The precision-accurate applicator and squeeze bottle allow you to apply just the dab you need to get a light sheen, and it’s so small you can discreetly touch up your radiance on the go. “Sun Rush” is a versatile, almost colorless touch of liquid shimmer, so it’s always dewy and never drying. Perfect for a swipe across the brow, collar, or cheekbone, and ideal companion to a (fake) tan. At Nordstromicon for $19.50.

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