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Miu Miu Drawstring Leather Tote: Hitting Below the Belt?


Looks like the snob has spoken too soon! I was just discussing with friends how, in my opinion, Miu Miu totes have surpassed the design of Pradas, and along comes this busy bag. It’s not the slightly de-structured shape that I mind, and I even like the clever colorblocking (muted gray and blue would be a fall staple, purple on berry leather is rather yummy, and brown enhances them both in an unexpected way).

It’s just that the details are too obvious; the hardware and excess leather bits are too forced. A drawstring belt with odd-looking snaps as the closure? This wins “Most Likely to be Mistaken for Pants” award, hands down. I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to fight with my tote over who wears the pants around here! So what do you think: snob or slob?

Drawstring Leather Tote in Gray Leather. On My Theresaicon for $1,405.

Drawstring Leather Tote in Berry Leather. On My Theresaicon for $1,239.



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  1. Most Likely to be Mistaken for Pants! Ha! I like the idea, just not the execution. The gray is particularly nice in terms of the color combination, but I don’t like the bag itself. Plus, I think the drop looks rather short, so it may not work as a good shoulder bag, especially in the fall and winter.

  2. I saw it in person and I actually love it! The leather is just awesome and so yummy, not to mention the suede lining! I want this bag, pronto!

  3. I didn’t even have time to go into the handle. It’s one of those you have to hold in your hand, can’t put in crook of elbow cuz it will roll and hurt.

    Sigh, just not a good bag…


  4. Agreed, that Miu Miu is surpassing Prada which has become HUGELY boring, in my opinion. I do think good things are coming out of Nina Ricci–definitely one to watch!

  5. Love this bad, looks gorgeous and finally something not as boring as some. There is too many of those average looking bags out there. Own the brown one and love it. and there is a longer strap that comes with it