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Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Eye Roller: Eyes on the Prize


Add rolling my eyes to one of my habits now. Olay’s eye roller is like a massage for the delicate skin around your eyes, with three micro-roller balls caressing as it applies the anti-aging serum. And I am totally addicted! After a long day, the muscles around our eyes need to relax. Since I got this thing, I’ve been eager to just sit there, rolling it around and around, especially around the corners of my eyes where the crows’ feet are (that’s the muscle used to squint which I do too much of – bad, very bad!).

While the roller is a pleasure – there’s a good chance I’m rolling it around for a bit longer than suggested – the actual anti-aging serum is just okay. Like I’ve always said, using something is better than using nothing, but in reality it’s the three beads doing all the work. If only there was a way to refill the pen with my Darphin eye cream when Olay’s serum runs out. Which will be soon, considering I’ve been going through it rather quickly (in order to keep the massage going, you need to keep pumping more serum to keep the micro-rollers lubricated).

I know, this sounded as gimmicky to me as it probably does to you, but curiosity made it a must-try. And I have to be honest: I am finding myself looking forward to my eye massage this evening! On Amazon for $14.18.



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