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PackIt Freeze+Go Lunch Bag Cooler


How many lunch bag / boxes do I have? Let me count the ways. But I decided to get this one because it has cold packs built right in, 5 of them in fact. I know school is over, I actually got these for the beach!! I had the fantasy of packing ice cream bars for hot summer days. I experimented to see how long ice cream would last. The verdict, 2 hours without it getting so melted you couldn’t eat it, but it wasn’t totally frozen stiff. Sooo…. I guess ice cream is asking a bit much of it.

Cold drinks, yogurt, sushi, fruit – definitely keeps everything cold enough for up to 4 hours (Keeps adult beverages nice and cold, too! If you tilt your bottle of wine, it will fit with just the top sticking out). Again, after 4 hours the cold drinks aren’t straight-out-the-fridge-ice-cold, but still cold enough to quench a hot thirst. I like that it is compact (versus a cooler), it is a little heavy once it’s filled so for a preschooler, this might be cumbersome but then again, preschoolers don’t carry their own lunch in – you do! But even so, it is not so heavy that it is a problem.

If packed right, you can fit 2 adult lunches in there or you can leave chips and stuff like that out and just use this for cold items only and it works for the whole family. I got 2 just so we have options. When folded up, it fits slim-ly in the freezer taking up no space at all. I am ready for the summer – picnics, parks, beaches will be so much more enjoyable without having to haul a big huge cooler along! And of course, once school starts, you’ll be way ahead with a new lunch bag. At Amazon for $26.



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