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Roberto Cavalli Patent-Leather Cage Sandals: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings


So intriguing it’s bordering on optical illusion, this detailed cage design almost looks like a plaid print. Of course, Roberto Cavalli would only use the thinnest – as in sexiest – of straps, which usually make for the most painful of shoes. But such an abundance of straps ensures the pressure is dispersed throughout the foot. In case you haven’t noticed, gold is back with a vengeance, so be sure your jewelry box is packed with coordinating pieces before you zip into these 14-karat gleamers.

It just hit me that this is not a platform – is that because I’m so conditioned to see them? For a while there, if your shoe didn’t have a platform you were looking dated, but now it’s kind of refreshing to see a shoe take a more tapered approach. That’s not the only unusual thing about these sandals. Strappy stilettos usually make for a strictly dolled-up shoe, but these strips are so geometric that they equal the perfect day to night heels, taking you through the summer and straight into fall without missing a step. On Net-a-Porter for $755.

Pair with: Your feet might be contained, but it’s still playtime! Announce it by choosing a charmed necklace with elements of gold, like one of the creations by Venessa Arizaga ($395), Isabel Marant ($265), Chan Luu ($155), and Yves Saint Laurent ($895).




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