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Sara Berman “Ward” Clutch: Weird Science


At first glance, I thought the title read “Weird” clutch by Sara Berman, and I thought to myself, at least the name is apropos! But alas, the peculiarity seems to be unintentional, unless the name’s referring the mental “ward.” Yes, it’s a little schizophrenic – part Alexander Wang, part Rebecca Minkoff. While it’s not bad, it is certainly odd. Kind of like when you were a kid and would take apart your Barbie and Ken dolls and put the body parts back in the wrong places (what, you’ve never done that before?).

A square, almost squat shape with a hard handle, crinkled leather, antiqued gold hardware (enter the Wang influence), a spattering of studs (the muse being Minkoff), and leopard-print lining for additional flair. So perhaps Sara Berman tried to take her favorite satchel elements and create the perfect bag. While it’s not entirely un-wearable, perhaps the best move to be start over and go back to basics. On ShopBop for $304.



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  1. God awful. Looks like it was made in one of those craft classes where you decorate t-shirts w/paint and rhinestones.