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SK-II Facial Treatment Mask: Masked and Luminous


When I heard that Gwen Flamberg, Beauty Director of US Weekly, said she couldn’t live without SK-II‘s Facial Treatment Mask, I naturally had to investigate. There I was looking online to purchase it when I realized – I already owned it! (Got to love those PR companies and all the wonderful gift samples they send me for review). Not only did I own it, I had actually used it eons ago when living in Asia. As I applied the soothing cotton mask it all came back to me. This full facial treatment is filled with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and organic acids that replenish and moisturize the skin, leaving it buttery smooth and luminous. How could I have forsaken it back then? I am quite excited to rediscover this old favorite. So here are my tips: if you’re in a warm climate like my Texas summer swelter, store it in the fridge (I even did that back in Taipei during those stifling hot summer months); and after leaving it on my face, I put it on my neck and hands. Waste not, want not – and don’t forget you have it! At Saks Fifth Avenue

icon for $125.



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