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The Row: The Golden Touch


It is no surprise the bags from The Row (named after Savile Row, a.k.a. “The Golden Mile”) are as meticulously crafted and streamlined as the ready-to-wear line. If the clothes are any indication, the Olsens are dedicated to high quality and clean lines. But I am pleasantly surprised at how well the girls are able to translate their very unique personal style to bags that work for everyone.

Ashley and Mary-Kate each brought one out for a run at the CFDA – and I went from impressed to obsessed! The proportions of these bags are amazing on petite girls, like themselves, but the shapes will work on taller snobs, too. Especially Ashley’s elongated classic lizard shoulder bag. The twins also exhibited how well these grown-up bags, designed with the eyes of wise fashion souls beyond their 24 years, can be appropriated to both sleek (as seen on Ashley in a blue dress by The Row) and opulent (Mary-Kate, wearing Chanel Pre-Fall) looks.

They have succeeded in offering us styles to fill a void in your bag wardrobe for a lifetime. I’m experiencing a mania of epic proportions over these bags! Except I’m not so crazy about the prices. Though, like The Row Ready-to-Wear, I am certain fat price tags won’t stop this bag line from flying off the shelves. Classic Shoulder Bag in Lizard, $5,450. Metal Frame Lizard Bag, $5,800.

Images via Harper’s Bazaar and Wire Image



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  1. The bags the girls are holding in the photo are nice, not realy me at the moment but I love the long one on Ashley. The grey bag pictured (looks like a clutch?) is stunning, I love the colour and the skin. I prefer the landscape shape of the grey bag over the portrait shape of the other bags.

    I can see why these bags, along with the clothes from The Row, carry such a high price tag. Mary-Kate and Ashley have done the cheap tween clothing line and now they are starting a luxury line which I would assume they intend is around in one hundred years time. They have priced the items to ooze luxury and appeal to their target audience as the high price means they are unaffordable to most.

  2. Nice really, but why do they remind me of Posh´s designs? like mini posh bags; cute, but i was expecting more from them – i dunno

  3. I read the article in Harper’s Bazaar about two weeks ago, and I wasn’t really impressed. They are many more pictures in it. I just don’t forsee myself saving the money to buy a bag from The Row when I could get a Chanel or Hermes for the same price.

    Like Victoria Beckham, I think that for their first foray into handbags is just a bit expensive. To get your name out there, you want others to actually wear them. Those who can truly afford luxury items in that price range probably don’t want anything that’s designed by Mary-Kate and Ashley.

    As far as the bags go, they’re boring. I like my to be a little jazzier.

  4. I don’t really care for the shoulder bags they carried to the CFDA Awards, but I LOVE the Dr’s satchel from this collection. It’s exactly what I look for in a handbag and love – clean lines, minimal hardware, exquisite leather and materials, simple yet classic. I also think the Twin Mini is ingenious (I’d like to see it in non-exotic leather). It’s like 2 bags in one. I just don’t like the prices. If I were going to spend that kind of money on handbag, I’d probably invest in a Chanel Flap or a Celine Classic Box or a VBH tote. I agree with the poster who said that the people who can afford these bags probably don’t want something designed by an “Olsen Twin.” I think they could have priced them a little lower and still been competitive with other luxury brands (i.e., Chanel, LV, BV, VBH, Celine).