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Undrest “Sardinia” Woven Swimsuit: Navajo No-No


Now that the feather hair extension trend has (thankfully) come to an unofficial close, I suppose it’s for girls to explore where else they can sneak feathers into their summertime look. The quest for bohemian chicness will never go out of style, but mixing feathers and water? Even if it’s just a few, you’re bound to end up bearing a resemblance to a wet bird.

Separately, the elements of this Undrest bathing suit sound just fine: actually tasteful cutouts, woven stretch cotton to keep you in place, sweet crochet trim. But then you have to mix it all together and add a few guinea fowl tips to the brown cord straps? This is a pool party I’ll have to turn down my invitation to – birds of a feather flock together! On Net-a-Porter for $300.

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