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Meredith Wendell Bucket Leather and Canvas Shoulder Bags: Crazy Kooky Cool


One must possess a sense of humor and a passion for color to appreciate Meredith Wendell’s quirky-chic bags. Meredith German and her husband, Wendell, founded the resort-inspired brand in 2008. Season after season, the duo has proven they have a knack for pulling together colors in a manner that’s startling and unexpected. “Uptown awkward” is how Meredith calls her accessories style.

This is untraditional sophistication with a wide-eyed, almost childlike attitude. Their interpretation of a messenger-style shoulder bag, with three easy-to-organize pockets, says playtime for grown-up. Futuristic gray, black, stone, and silver (with a red lining that’s bright enough to cheer you up every time you open it up) looks mild compared to the Crayola box-worthy red, aqua, and indigo version. They should look all wrong, but the outcome is so right! Think very Palm Beach – and that’s the whole kitschy point. Sporty Americana crafted in Florence with a classy-offbeat eye, it’s the best of all worlds.

Bucket leather and canvas shoulder bag on Net-a-Porter for $795.

Pair with: These are not bags for a look that’s all serious. Camp it up to the max with a denim-style leopard miniskirt. In corduroy and trimmed with black leather, Isabel Marant‘s “Wilma” skirt injects some neutral print to your color. On Net-a-Porter for $385.



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