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Alexander McQueen Suede Ankle Boots: Pink is the Color of Passion


Is it the eye-popping color that’s tugging at my heartstrings (and purse strings)? Or the perfection of the gorgeous foot-molding curves? It has to be both elements, the sassy flash of hot color and the sexiness of such organic angles on a towering heel, working in perfect harmony. A union such as this turns a fall necessity – we all need a new ankle boot each year – into a fall obsession. “Want” and “need” rarely meet in the middle like this, so really how can boots like these be ignored?

Just imagine Alexander McQueen’s boots peeking out from your pant legs; it would be a sight as exhilarating as flashing forbidden skin. And if you’re going punchy petunia pink, you’d better go all the way. Monochrome, including the zipper pull, with a concealed zipper on the inner side ensures nothing destroys the minimalist shape, required to keep such a bright, loud shoe chic. A preternatural color on a natural shape: the exotic has just met the everyday. On Net-a-Portericon for $1,075.

Pair with: Since you should keep the rest clean, this is the ideal opportunity to bring out a simple black clutch. Balenciaga’s new leather tube, with no more adornment than a smart cylinder lock, is the bag shoes like these beg for. Balenciaga Tube Clutch, $865.



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