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Aurelie Bidermann Camden XL 18-karat gold-plated studded leather cuff: Lethal Leather


If Russell Crowe’s character in Gladiator had been a woman, she totally would have rocked this arm cuff. The Aurelie Bidermann Camden XL 18-karat gold-plated studded leather weapon of arm destruction is certainly a statement making piece. Obviously, the statement it makes is, “I wear weapons as accessories. Imagine what I’m packing elsewhere.” Or maybe “Try me big guy, I’ve got a arm full of spikes with your name on it”

But seriously, this is a tough looking piece of jewelry, which I respect. I’m just not sure it is something I would go buckling on for date night, or a night out at a club because I would be afraid it would be considered dangerous and someone would then confiscate my $1495 arm knife. That’s right; it’s almost fifteen hundred big ones for this stud. But I guess when you consider it is a safety device, a shield and an outfit enhancer all in one; you get some bang for your buck.

Shop this piece that will have you looking pretty in pink with a punch at Net-a-Porter.


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