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Body Suit, Body Conscious


Blame Donna Karan – back in the eighties, her Seven Easy Pieces centered around the black stretch staple – for my bodysuit obsession. Sure, it’s a pain the ass to have one on when you need to hit the loo, but nothing looks so sleek under a jacket or tucked into jeans. Nowadays, the possibilities are endless. Jersey isn’t the only way to go – from fitted to ruched to ruffled and wrapped, it’s the bodysuit, redux!

Currently, lingerie as outerwear is all the rage, so the bodysuit is the perfect compromise between putting it all out there and just giving a feminine wink – a much subtler way to go about this trend. And just think, no more awkward moments when your date politely tells you your underwear is showing.

Sheer and lacey, it doesn’t get much sexier than Only Heart‘s “So Fine” thong bodysuit. Wear it under a pair of high-waisted trousers for maximum flirtiness and zero panty line. Or choose a slightly softer lace from the woman who started it all – Donna Karan‘s balconette bodysuit provides mild sculpting with no false padding.

Rachel Pally‘s is a classic jersey style with a bit of ruching at the front and a wildly deep scooped V at the back, in short-sleeved or long-sleeved, is a sensual surprise when you take off your blazer. One that announces you’ve got confidence to spare.

Nightcap Clothing has asymmetrical overlays for an intriguing effect – way more volume than your typical bodysuit. Anyway, who says they have to be fitted and tight? Elkin‘s pin-tucked silk take has an antique quality that shouts romance; Undrest’s floral ruffles are sweet and innocent.

Only Hearts “So Fine” Thong Bodysuit on ShopBop for $92.

Donna Karan Ethereal Lace Balconette Bodysuit at Donna Karan for $75.

Rachel Pally Jersey Bodysuit on ShopBop for $132.

Rachel Pally Cami Bodysuit on ShopBop for $114.

Nightcap Clothing Wrap Bodysuit on ShopBop for $165.

Elkin “Eyre” Bodysuit on ShopBop for $158.

Undrest Ruffle Bodysuit on ShopBop for $174.



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