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Cleanwater Infant Tub: Scrub-A-Dub-Dub!


This brilliantly designed infant tub utilizes running water to produce a constant fresh flow as the dirty water is simultaneously drained, so your baby is always bathing in clean water. Nothing will get your littlest tot more spanking-clean than this. You might not think babies are all that dirty, but they have pee and poo stuck on them all day long – and that’s pretty dirty! They also pee in the bathtub (or worse!).

The Cleanwater Infant Tub also comes with a thermometer so you can keep the water at a constant, comfortable temperature; it even has a digital read-out to let you know exactly what the temperature is, in case your plumbing system goes from cold to hot or vice versa without notice.

This is the perfect tub for newborns. The contour design even has squiggly, slippery babies in mind – we sure don’t want those precious tots sliding every which-a-way. This tub is so fabulous; it’s like having a baby Jacuzzi! At Giggleicon for $90.



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