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Donna Karan Small Crocodile Satchel: Don’t Wait Awhile, Crocodile!


Hello, Bargain of the Week! While a good crocodile bag has the potential to last you a lifetime, good crocodile is getting harder and harder to come by, let alone on sale. Which is why Donna Karan shocked my senses, without shocking my wallet, with her fabulously marked-down satchel (that’s less than half-price!). Believe me when I say I don’t know where in the world you will find a beautifully made crocodile bag, sized at 11″ (around 28cm), for just over two grand.

I own a Donna Karan croc from way back in 2003, before I’d even started blogging, and it’s still a sight to behold. The quality of the skin she uses is amazing, and her bags are constructed with first-rate craftsmanship. This little beauty, so agreeably voluptuous and effortlessly stylish, has distinctive whipstitching to fill out the corners. The result is a youthful vibe on a bag that will age as well as you do. So heed my advice and get on this quickly! At Donna Karan for $2,319.99 (from $5,800).

Jimmy Choo Suede Snake Platform Sandals

Jimmy Choo Suede Snake Platform Sandals

Pair with: Did somebody say mixing skins was in? I think it was yours truly. Jimmy Choo‘s buttery suede platforms with coquettish snakeskin straps assure you’ll have even more fun than expected with your croc satchel. And you can buy them because you have spending cash left over! Jimmy Choo Suede and Snakeskin Platform Sandals, $725.



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  1. SOLD OUT. you guys are fast… I waited and lost out. Should always take my own advice. Sigh… Who got it?

  2. Boo hoo. I am too too late to the game. What a beautiful bag! I loved it. The price is just UNBELIEVABLE!!! Whoever got is so so lucky! I wish it had been me.