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Holy Tee “Gotham” Dress with Cape Overlay: Super-Tee to the Rescue


Has your love of tees got you dreading dress-up occasions? A T-shirt enthusiast myself, I understand the feeling. But too much white cotton and I’m bored stiff. Thankfully, the tee-devotee’s wardrobe savior is here to save the day – and your evening wardrobe. Holy Tee embellishes your most beloved staple to look dressy and cocktail-appropriate, while underneath it all, their pieces are essentially just tees.

We’re not talking about just adding bead-embellishments, festive stitching, or prints – all that has been done to death and fools no one into forgetting you’re still casual. This label is way more imaginative than typical adornments. Just look at this cape dress. It’s your basic gray jersey tank with superhero flair to spare. Draping the cape in 100% modal is a brilliant move. It hangs with the perfect degree of weight; as comfy as cotton, but it holds shape far better. A leg-baring dress with built-in outerwear – this isn’t your plain old T-shirt dress, but it’s not so costume-y that you can’t wear it out to a plain old dinner!

On ShopBop for $232.

Pair with: Prove you’re not messing around about dressing up with Dolce & Gabbana’s sequined tote. Gunmetal sequins are a great play on heather gray and a black leather handle turns down the glam factor ever so slightly. Just carry it as a top handle – you wouldn’t a shoulder strap constricting the flow of your cape. Dolce & Gabbana Sequined Leather Tote, $1,725.




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