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Homeopathic Relief: Sprayology

Party Relief

Homeopathy is huge in Germany. Every pharmacy stocks homeopathic products and most have a big Bach selection, so given that both of my parents are from Munich and I grew up going there multiple times a year I’ve long been into trying homeopathic remedies to sooth everyday problems. I’m a very health conscious person and I have to say that even Advil scares me when I start reading the possible side effects! What I like most about homeopathic remedies is that there are NO possible side effects. If it works — great — but if it doesn’t you’re not going to get headaches, or nausea, or diarrhea or who knows what else! Plus if you’ve ever looked into one of the bigger lines you’ve likely noticed that you could benefit from more than one product and the cool thing is there is no danger in using one, two…or even 10 homeopathic products at once.

I was recently introduced to a new line called Sprayology, which is run by beauty leader and former Chanel exec, Jean Zimmerman. Unlike the Bach drops I use which go directly on the tongue, these get spritzed directly under the tongue. Here’s the kicker though the line is FDA-regulated, which is awesome. They’ve got 21 homeopathic formulas and two vitamin sprays to treat issues ranging from stress, jet lag, and allergies, to hangovers, mental distractions, and digestion issues. Got a tot? Most of the formulas are safe for anyone over the age of 2. Jump for more!

I’ve been using a few of their products and some of them do contain a little bit of alcohol which may explain the immediate soothing effect (I always think of it as being like at a bris when they tab the baby’s tongue with alcohol to sooth him!). I really believe that they work, but I also believe that you have to believe that they work and actually want them to work for them to be effective. I’d suggest picking the spray that corresponds to your issue — some of my faves are

Party Relief (this one is actually for my boyfriend…I’ve been making him spray this every time we go out!), Allergease, and Immunobooster — and spraying it every few hours under your tongue, followed by a few deep breaths. My eyes were tearing like crazy up until I started using Allergease (three times a day) so at least for that one I can see literal proof that it worked. Most of the products are packed with about 10-14 natural ingredients. Some other popular ones you might want to check-out are Stress Relief,

Body Balance, and

Diet Power. They retail for about $22-24. If you try one, please let me know how you like it!


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  1. Why is it awesome that a homeopathic line is FDA regulated?

    Or is it because of the vitamin sprays?

    I find it costly and unuseful to measure something by a certain standard when its basis is inherently from a different world view.

    Why not let people try product and see if it works for themselves and then continue to buy or not?

    Cause in the end, all we want is something that works.

    Glad you found something for your allergies.

  2. I like that it’s FDA regulated because it limits the amount of “ridiculous” claims that many products often make (if you look at many products at your local health food store for example you’ll often see a claim followed by an * that said “these claims have not been verified by the FDA…or something to that extent).

  3. Thanks.

    I guess i rather have the “ridiculous” claims and either try the product or not for myself.

    Thanks for sharing your point of view though.