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Introducing B Brian Atwood “Tempesta” Ankle Boots: Fringe Benefits


The “Tempesta” bootie rounds out the week – and final day – of B Brian Atwood’s tempting pre-sale releases. Last but certainly not least, this ankle boot has spunk and spirit to spare. Atwood said he wanted his lower-priced line to be full of movement. As in, picture a girl dashing down the street with her fanciful shoes moving in a glamorous blur. Enter the fringe. It’s refreshing to see layers of fringe and oversized tassels in a design that’s not trying to be refined. It’s actually not trying to do anything. This rubber-soled, metal-plated, lace-up boot is straightforward fun. At Saks Fifth Avenueicon for $450.

8 thoughts on “Introducing B Brian Atwood “Tempesta” Ankle Boots: Fringe Benefits”

  1. Lately the posting seems to be a Brian Atwood advertisement.. Cute shoes but maybe nice to see some other cool finds

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