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Jurlique Toning Mists: Get Mist-ical With Jurlique


I’ve been hanging poolside with Kelly and our kids the last few days. With the sun and heat inevitably taking a toll on our faces (despite how much SPF 30 we’ve applied), these toning mists by Jurlique would have come in handy! The nature-oriented Australian brand is a fave of Michelle Pfieffer’s and now one of mine – I love Jurlique for their high-quality, pure ingredients.

The toning mists, for a burst of hydration mid-sun, post-sweat, and aprè-cleansing, come in four flavors for four types of skin (plus a brightening mist that’s fit for all of us). The Rosewater Balancing Mist is designed to hydrate and restore normal to combination skin; the Lavender Hydrating to soothe dry complexions; Citrus Purifying to enliven oily types; and Chamomile Soothing to calm sensitive faces.

Next time I pack my pool tote, I’ll be sure to toss at least one of these convenient spray bottles in (you never know if your friend will want a spritz or what mood your skin will be in that day) and probably grab the Purely White Skin Brightening Mist, to even out skin and reignite a youthful glow, just for good measure. Rosewater, Lavender, Citrus, and Chamomile at Jurlique for $21. Purely White Skin Brightening at Jurlique for $34.



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