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Maison Martin Margiela Love: Fashion, Please Meet Function




Usually Margiela is not one to be pragmatic, fashion over function at all cost seems to be the M.O. But someone over there has the same issues and annoyances that I do with wallets because this has function in mind, while definitely NOT at the cost of fashion. The use of animal print here is right on. An ingenious design that is as unique as it is functional, this wallet offers access and organization without fumbling, zipping, snapping, threading or even the need to simply fold over. OK, the change pocket requires a snap but the rest of the wallet is set up like a man’s wallet, simple and open. Cards, cash and change – in and out totally unobstructed. This will also lighten your load, try weighting your wallet, it accounts for half of your bag’s weight! At Net-a-Porter $210

Pair with the frame shoulder bagicon, another perfect fashion meets function new love of mine. It’s a frame that folds flat when worn and completely opens up for full view of the interior. It’s a minimalist magic bag that transforms into a square bin when needed. I must have both and with my new efficiency, I can spend my time doing more shopping! At Saks Fifth Avenueicon for $995.



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  1. Ingenious yes, but not original for a wallet/bag. BV used this closure opening design 3 years ago and I’m sure someone else used it before that.