Malin+Goetz Rum Tonic

Though it’s not formulated with pineapple or coconut Malin+Goetz’ Rum Tonic ($48) smells like a pina colada in a bottle and I mean that in the best, not-overly-sweet, possible way! It’s refreshing, invigorating, made me smile when I spritzed it on myself, and it’s perfect for summer. I’ve been wearing it in the Hamptons and I know it may sound lame, but it actually puts me in a more beach-y mindset. Naturally I gravitate to musky, rich scents like Ambre Narguile from Hermes or White Suede from Tom Ford, but I’ve found that I feel a lot more at ease when I’m out and about in the warm weather wearing Rum Tonic or Hermes’ Un Jardin Sur le Toit. 

Aside from Rum Tonic, Malin+Goetz also has two other tonic eau de toilettes and three synthesized eau de toilettes: Petitgrain Tonic, Lime Tonic, Geranaium Leaf, Synthesized Musk, and Lotus Root. The scents are unisex and actually designed to be worn in pairs (the tonic representing the natural and the synthesized representing the technological), but I’ve only got Rum Tonic and am happy with it on its own:) For the suggested pairings however, see below -
-Musk+Lime Tonic
-Lotus Root+Rum Tonic
-Geranium Leaf+Petitgrain Tonic

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