Marni Textured Leather Tote: It’s a (Bubble) Wrap


Remember when you were a kid and a package covered in bubble wrap would arrive in the mail? How fun it was to bounce and stomp all over the air pockets, followed by the satisfaction of that emphatic “popping” sound? Marni’s plush take on polka-dots brings me back to a time of simpler pleasures because it, quite simply, reminds me of bubble wrap.

To call this big, black carryall “textured” sounds like an understatement. It’s so robustly tactile, it’s in “multi-dimensional” territory. Dark lamb leather amuses when it’s all puffed up – it just dares you not to get your hands all over it. The two-toned contrasting straps, for a reversible effect, are minimal to even out the volume. Marni has a way with not-so-basic basics, and this bag is the definitive answer for the snob who knows she needs a basic black tote, but really doesn’t want one. More Pop Art than popping noise and more fun than function, you’ll forget you’ve made a truly practical purchase, at least until you toss your whole life in it. On Net-a-Porter for $1,210.

Rag & Bone Classic Newbury

Rag & Bone Classic Newbury

Pair with: An everyday ankle boot that is just shy of basic. Rag & Bone‘s “Newbury” boot, in taupe cotton canvas, has wayward stitching to stimulate and a decent heel to elevate. At Barneys New York for $495.

5 thoughts on “Marni Textured Leather Tote: It’s a (Bubble) Wrap

  1. it is cute!

  2. Visually, I’m not loving it but I can’t wait to touch the leather!

  3. mochababe73 on said:

    It looks like a person’s skin that has growths that are about to pop. It’s just weird.

  4. gopher on said:

    it’s cool! looks like a 3-d print

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