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Natura Bissé Eye Makeup Remover: Their Eyes Have It!


I have treasured my Lancôme Bi-Facil eye makeup remover for over fifteen years – quite the commitment, huh? It works wonderfully in taking off every trace of makeup, no matter how thick you lay on the gel liner and mascara. The only problem is the oily residue it leaves behind. It’s a bummer that you have to go to the time and trouble to rinse it off. But it’s a bummer I have been willing to live with in exchange for the thorough cleansing it offers. Well, don’t call me a traitor, but I’ve discovered that Natura Bissé‘s eye makeup remover works just as well without the oil-slick aftermath – because it’s oil-free! What a pleasure to not have to do that extra cleaning after the cleaning. This hypoallergenic lotion contains Rosa Centifolia flower and Matricaria flower extracts that benefit your lashes, and it hydrates and soothes any inflammation caused by a long day in fake lashes – and we all know how taxing they are on that sensitive eye area. So, forgive me Lancôme, I’ll always love you, but I’ve found a new best friend. At Amazon for $39.



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  1. You should try the Bliss lash and lid wash….I have been using it for years and am obsessed. No greasy residue and it takes off every trace of waterproof eye makeup.