Stay Up to Date with Snob Essentials International Sale- Final Reductions


I am still in Asia, which means I’m able to shop the International sale (actually you can, too- just change your country to the UK!). Many designers (including Alaia) are priced lower on the international version of Net-a-porter, probably due to US customs and duties. This makes it very tempting for me to shop! Of course I have that change of season dilemma of, do I buy more bargains? Or buy fall/winter stuff? I can never decide so I usually do both (covering all the bases my friends). The UK site also carries different inventory from the US, which makes it very exciting while I treasure hunt (like the discovery of the Nancy Gonzalez linen crocodile summery tote!).

Have you finished your sale shopping? Or are you in the mood for more bargains? Check out the international final sale here!

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