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Rachel Roy Japan Tote: Rachel Knows What’s Really in Fashion


“Kindness is Always Fashionable” – a noteworthy phrase that takes on extra-special meaning when used to profit such a deeply meaningful cause. Rachel Roy has turned her talent and big heart to aid the victims of the March 11th earthquake and tsunami in Japan. She has designed a fabulous tote bag emblazoned with this powerful slogan under the equally meaningful symbol of Japan’s flag. And on the back is Rachel’s signature with a daintily drawn red heart, signifying love for Japan. All the profits – yes, that’s 100%! -for sales of this $25 tote will go to Global Giving to provide immediate and long-term aid for the thousands of needy victims in Japan.

This limited edition tote is great as an option for a reusable grocery bag, or for hauling around pool and beach gear. The black straps against the beige background make the red disc (Japan’s representation of the sun) just snap! It’s practical earthy-chic and sure sends a significant message – the fact that there’s nothing more fashionable than kindness is something we all need to be reminded of every now and again. Rachel is admirable, the bag is terrific, and the cause couldn’t be more deserving. Let’s all get one! At Rachel Roy for $25.



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  1. Yes, I agree, but the fact that people respond to crisis is still heartfelt. I know I am extra kind when needed, which makes me feel like s*&$ because it just points out the fact that I should always be extra kind but am not =(

  2. I don’t really want a bag praising myself.

    Then again most people forget that the nuclear plants are still releasing emissions every day there, over 100 days later, and might explode again. So any reminder is a good reminder.