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Red Flower Candles

Not that Red Flower’s candles, priced at $35, are by any means cheap, but bearing in mind how beautiful they look, how refreshingly great they smell, and the fact that they’re sold at Barneys I for sure was expecting them to be at least $50. It wasn’t until I got the Japanese Peony one to light at home that I realized that the petals are just a one-time thing! You can’t actually light the candle with the petals in the glass — unless maybe you take them all out and light the candle and then put them back in, but that would be messy, time-consuming, and maybe even dangerous! I suppose you can take them all out, light the candle and then put the petals back in once you blow it out, but again that takes more time than most of us are probably willing to devote to a candle. My solution is that I simply haven’t lid this candle. I have it on my desk and just appreciate it for how beautiful it looks and smells. Seriously peonies ….ahhh!! Love! They’re my favorite flower and if there is such a thing as flower trends, I would say they’re very en vogue right now! I’ve been seeing peony flower arrangements everywhere from The Carlyle to designer showrooms, and given that it’s 4th of July weekend, it seems appropriate to mention that these would make a great housewarming/hostess gift. Even if I wish they were more practical, I kinda wish I owned the whole set of Red Flowers candles…bellissima!


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