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Sam Edelman Sandals: The Allure of Edelman


It’s usually a toss-up between Sam Edelman and Jeffrey Campbell for the Frugal Snob’s number one trend-conscious cobbler. I’m an Edelman girl myself – they are seriously the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. Their leathers are so thin and baby-soft, even the high heels cradle your feet with no unpleasant pressure points or hard edges digging in.

This year, Sam Edelman sandals have successfully usurped my shoe wardrobe. I have two pairs of flats, and they’ve been practically implanted to my feet for a couple months now.The multi-buckle detail, as seen on the “Grenna,” ($100) is a signature look: just enough chunk for a suede thong sandal. The ankle-cuffed “Grady” ($90) is even funkier, meaning it will work with your more fashion-oriented outfits, unlike most flats that are strictly casual.

ChloĆ© fans should get all over the “Wess” wedge ($225). Sure, it’s edgy and snob-approved (I might even prefer the coyer buckle cuff to ChloĆ©’s endless wrap-around strap), but I cannot stress the comfort level enough. This leather is supremely thin, so it’s super-pliable and, again I must underscore the word, soft! So it’s probably not the best quality out there, but for this kind of price you can tolerate an early retirement.

A Frugal Snob’s dream! I vouch for these steals. Not only are they worthy of a try-on, you will thank me when you don’t even want to think about taking them off.



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