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Sjal Orbe Eye Contour Creme

I have to say, knock on wood, I go so far out of my way to make sure that I get enough sleep on a near-daily basis that I don’t tend to suffer from too many eye-area skin problems. Mostly I opt for eye products that come in a roller-ball form or a stick that I can put in the fridge because they’re the most helpful in reducing morning puffiness, which I seem to inevitably have. Last February however after meeting Barneys “beauty guru,” Jason Ascher, I tried 

Sjal Orbe Eye Contour Creme ($175). Ascher had a bunch of product recommendations and because all the ones I was familiar with I loved I figured the cream was more or less a safe bet. Low and behold it actually surpassed my expectations!
It’s a myth that heavy creams are better because skin can only absorb so much and since the average person tends to over apply, heavy creams can be ineffective (the cream will just sit on the skin’s surface, weight down your skin tissue, and actually cause wrinkles and fine lines!). To that end don’t apply too much of this cream because it is on the heavier side — all the better though because the jar will last you for months since you need so little for it to be effective. A good tip I got from Renee Rouleau awhile back is to always apply eye cream with your ring finger because it’s the weakest finger and won’t unnecessarily tug at the skin tissue.

Even without putting the cream in the fridge and even without massaging roller ball bumps, the cream worked to tame my morning puffiness and it’s also hydrating. I haven’t tried any of their other products yet, but at my urging my boyfriend attended an event at the Hotel Gansevoort and got a mini facial from Sjal. He came back so refreshed that I can’t wait to head to Barneys and pick-up one of the brand’s other products!


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  1. Looks like a very luxurious eye cream. Wow, $175! Although I like to spend a lot less than that, I do believe that if a cream works and really makes significant changes it is well worth it just to avoid plastic surgery.