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SoulCycle: The Ultimate Workout

Even though every morning it’s a struggle to get myself out of bed for it, when I don’t take a class at my gym or at a studio somewhere else in Manhattan I usually feel like I’m not as alert (or, honestly, as happy), as I could be. The one exception to this is when I go to SoulCycle, an indoor cycling studio. Any morning I have a SoulCycle class scheduled I’m literally excited to get up and exercise. Sounds crazy I know, but the indoor cycling studio is simply put, incredible. They have multiple locations in Manhattan, one in East Hampton, one in Southampton, one in Roslyn, and one in South Beach at the Mondrian Hotel and hopefully there are more to come. Every time someone from outside of the city takes a class there they’ll tell me half jokingly it’s worth considering moving to the city for!

The key factor that makes the workout so great is that SoulCycle has got the most engaging, energizing instructors. It’s not about going up and down imaginary hills it’s about, as one of them once said, “getting to your sexy place” (maybe that’s why everyone from Kelly Ripa to Victoria Secret supermodels take the classes). All the while awesome music is blasting and because everyone in the class is so engaged in the workout it helps you push harder than you thought you could. That said, the workout is no joke so expect to be sweating within minutes and by the end look like you just stepped out of a hot yoga class, but you’ll also have most likely burned 500-700 calories and more importantly, feel engerzed, rivtialized, and just plain happy about going about the rest of your day!


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