The White Smile Diet: Chomp Your Way to Pearly Whites


White teeth took the world by storm some years ago with the advent of teeth-whitening agents. Suddenly, everyone had a sparkling smile. Well, now we can do more than apply peroxide or strips. Dr. Timothy Chase, from SmilesNY (a prominent cosmetic dentistry practice in NYC), says that foods can contribute to the whiteness (or lack of) of our teeth. It all has to do with a food’s ability to remove pesky bacteria that causes yellowing. So, here are a few do’s for your “What to eat for white teeth” list:

1) Do eat crunchy veggies (apples, carrots, celery, even cauliflower), as they are great abrasives.

2) Do rub (yes, rub) your teeth with a strawberry or orange peel! They actually polish your teeth.

3) Do eat dairy products (yogurt, cheese, milk) as they contain lactic acid which helps prevent decay.

And, of course, you know to avoid those teeth stainers: coffee, tea, tobacco (but, of course!), red wine (heaven, forbid), blueberries, soda, and soy sauce (uh oh).

Sounds delicious. I think I’ll grab a bite and whiten my teeth while I’m at it!

2 thoughts on “The White Smile Diet: Chomp Your Way to Pearly Whites

  1. I had no idea strawberries and orange peels polish your teeth, I’m going to have to give it a try for sure!

  2. Avoid red wine!! I was thinking what a great article until I got to that line ha ha

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