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Uvidea XL B.B. Cream 50: The Myth Really Works!


The great myth of B.B. creams continues, and it’s still urban legend to those outside of Asia. I asked a beauty editor in the U.S. about the baffling B.B. cream and she had never heard of it. Many brands boast one in their lines, including my beloved Bobbi Brown (no connections to her initials!). But here is the thing – for the most part, B.B. creams are only sold in Asia and often only at airports. Bizarre? I say yes!

So I picked up a tube the other day and still, for the life of me, couldn’t decipher what B.B. means (my original guess was Blemish Block, as it promises to prevent freckles/blemishes, etc). After some research, I learned that it’s, indeed, an acronym for Blemish Balm – I was close!

Originally prescribed in Germany to help heal laser surgery marks, it is more than just a tinted moisturizer. Most have an SPF of 50, active ingredients to whiten and lighten (of course, since 90% of products here focus on whitening the skin) and provide really good coverage. I personally like the convenience of a high level SPF with my cover-up, but this one is tad bit greasy and heavy. I solve that problem by diluting it with a lightweight moisturizer. It then becomes the perfect daily sunscreen/moisturizer/foundation, and there’s certainly no myth in its efficacy!

Girls in the States, if you want a B.B. cream of your own, try Boscia‘s version – with SPF 27 and oil- and paraben-free. And even available at Sephora!

Uvidea XL B.B. Cream. At La Roche-Posay.

Boscia B.B. Cream. At Sephora for $38.



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  1. Just a quick warning about B.B. Creams – all my beauty editor friends in Asia have warned me repeatedly about BB creams because most B.B. Creams are made with mineral oil which will clog pores. If you are going to use it please make sure you remove it with a makeup remover AND facial cleanser.

  2. I’ve been using Dr. Jarts Water Fuse BB Cream and I love it. For the record, I’m very fair (NC15 in MAC) and it matches my skintone almost perfectly. Since BB Creams only come in one shade though, gals with even medium skintones tend to despise them.

  3. Koreans have hundreds of BB creams, with most brands offering a few different ones to cater to all the different skin types.

    I really like the one from the brand Etude House. Check out my article to learn more about it 🙂

    1. Hi wendy, I just bought fr Singapore yesterday… I don’t think Malaysia can get this product… Offer price now 2 @S69.90 at Watson Singapore.

      Where are you staying ?? KL OR other state??