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First Aid Beauty Launches Smooth Shave Cream

About two weeks ago I went to an awesome event hosted by First Aid Beauty founder Lilli Gordon. Not only was it great to get to meet her (not to mention good to know that she has fantastic hair and skin), but it was a treat to hear her speak about what let to her founding FAB. As a former partner in Fresh, she has a ton of experience in the beauty world and her products really do fill a niche market — they’re as straightforward as your drugstore finds, but multi-tasking, perfect for sensitive skin while still being effective, and they’re not ridiculously expensive despite their carefully selected ingredients.

The event was held at Jean Georges’ ABC Kitchen, a restaurant that anyone who will be or is in NYC must check-out (and not only because David Beckham had dinner there last week…though keep your eyes pealed if you go because you never know who you’ll spot!). They use farm-fresh ingredients to create some of the city’s best (and relatively healthful) dishes, making for a fitting setting for the event. I was able to try out FAB’s most recently launched 5-in-1 products, which include their Restore Cream ($36, which I’ve written about and think is a great find), their SPF 30 Face Cream ($38), which is fantastic if you’re looking for an SPF that is so lightweight if feels like a lotion and nothing like a heavy, chalky sunscreen, and their newest launch, First Aid Beauty Smooth Shave Cream ($7.50-$16.50).

The shave cream has almost no lather it feels a lot more like a body cream than a traditional shave cream, so I didn’t actually find it that effective to shave with (at least not in the shower), because the formulation barely stuck to my body. What it is great for is to sooth skin after shaving. It softens, smooths, and moisturizes so after shaving with eos (how eos’ shave creams are only $3.49 I will never understand…), I’ve been lathering this on. I received the shave cream as a sample and don’t think I’ll buy it because I only shave in the shower and it just doesn’t seem designed for that, but if you shave outside of the shower given that it doesn’t dehydrate skin I’d look into trying it. Lastly, I’m guessing it has to do with the fact that the cream is formulated not to irritate skin, but I wish it had a smell because I’d use it as body wash!



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