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Bobbi Brown The New Classics Tortoise Shell Collection: Tortoise Wins the Race


Having just spent eight weeks in Asia, I missed out on some of summer’s best new makeup launches. Luckily, Bobbi‘s team sent me lots of goodies that were waiting for me when I arrived home. My kind of homecoming!

Since I was so jetlagged that first night back, I played with all my new makeup till four in the morning. Of all the new Bobbi products I received, the Tortoise Shell Collection is my absolute favorite. Like only Bobbi can deliver, these eye palettes are soft and sheer, but with a hint of shimmer. Glittering nudes, sandy browns, and hazy blacks. That means they’re great for daytime, but with the right blending, easily morph into a smoky evening look. I’m keeping the “Sand” palette for myself and will give Kelly the “bronze.” We’ll continue to be Bobbi-enhanced!

Every season Bobbi does a new travel brush collection (for blush, eyeliner, angle eye shadow and eye sweep), and I’m consistently crazy for them! The new Mini Brush Set comes with full size brush heads and the same superior quality, but the handles are half the size of the regular brushes. And to top it off, her latest set is encased in a gorgeous leather compact. They’re perfect for traveling – and a must if you travel as much as I do.

Eye Palettes, $60, and Tortoise Shell Mini Brush Set, $55, at Bobbi Brown.



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