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Brachfield Parlaghy Military Bags: Snob or Slob?

After taking a six-year hiatus from design, Laura Brachfield Parlaghy has returned this year with a collection of desert storm-inspired bags. The pocket- and hardware-heavy – make that, all-around heavy-looking – bags might not span past the native New Yorker’s hometown or London. These are serious city bags.

The voluptuous, triplet-boasting “Carla” tote; tough-as-nails “James” backpack; and slimmer, though D-ring- and buckle-covered, “Tamar” clutch are all mighty on the hardware. I’m not big on big cargo pockets on my clothes, and the same goes for my bags. It’s best in small doses, via the “Tamar” clutch, which poses a juxtaposition of sleekness and bulk. These military-esque bags are so not my style, but I’m curious what you snobs think of this kind of not-so-precious cargo.

“Carla” Tote on Ssense for $900.

“James” Backpack on Ssense for $1,200.

“Tamar” Clutch on Ssense for $470.



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    1. You know, the three pockets really throw me off! I’ve seen these and the quality is not bad. I am interested in seeing how she grows as a designer… xoxo Tina

  1. Slob. Laura should have stayed on hiatus.

    The camouflage version on the Ssense website is the worst – an ugly offspring of the camo diaper dude I bought my husband and the valentino stud beadazzler. Do. Not. Want. Esp. at those price points where you can buy something nice.