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By Terry Light-Expert Perfecting Foundation Brush: And They Say Nobody’s Perfect


With so many out there that don’t do their job, I sometimes forget why we even bother with foundation in the first place: to achieve the look of porcelain skin, even out tone, glow with luminosity, eliminate the appearance of pores, and cover up any hyper-pigmentation you may have (that would be me!).

By Terry‘s Perfecting Foundation is seriously the best foundation I have ever tried. It gives you the skin you always wish for and reminds you why you take the time to apply it. The results are actually so astonishing you won’t believe you can have skin this radiant and perfect. The sales assistant put just half on my face at the beginning, just to make a point. Point taken! When I looked in the mirror, I was horrified at the prospect that I could live with the natural, makeup-free half of my face, when I could easily have creamy, milky, seemingly Photo-Shopped skin all over!

Not only that, but it comes in the most convenient dispenser. You simply click the product, and it appears onto the attached brush. You sweep it over your face one section at a time, no other tools required, granting extra attention to those areas you need fuller coverage. Ultimately, you don’t need to use very much of this product. It finishes with the texture of velvety powder – and that’s enough for me. But if you really want to get the maximum effect, you can set it with loose powder. Honestly, that level of perfection just seems wrong for the face I’ve gotten used to with so many imperfections!

This is the best money you’ll ever spend, and at $58, it’s not even that bad. With daily use, the brush it will last two months. To keep things nice and sanitary, make sure you always use on a clean face. But if you need to, you can purify the brush as you would any other makeup brush, then squeeze the excess water out with a paper towel and leave it to dry overnight before replacing the cap. On for $58.



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  1. I just received a sample of this and have used it for the past two days. I, too, can’t believe how great my skin looks after using it. I have oily skin with large pores, and this gives me a flawless natural-looking finish. I haven’t been happy with any foundations lately, but this one is amazing, and I’m going to order it today!

  2. I’m convinced! I must buy this. I’ve yet to find the correct foundation for my oily skin that needs coverage. Thanks!!