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Caudalie Beauty Elixir: Spray the Mist Fantastic


This multi-purpose youth elixir is a spray-on face mist that gives you an immediate dose of radiance. And my face’s immediate response? Refreshment. Caudalie‘s Beauty Elixir has mint oil (you can see it floating at the top, so you must shake before use) that feels revitalizing on hot days or as a late afternoon pick-me-up when you’re feeling drained. It gives your whole face a tingly sensation – in a good way.

While the instant result of this microscopic mist with its invigorating scent is energized and rejuvenated skin, the long-term results are a more glowing, smoother complexion with tighter pores. This spray works so much better than a regular toner that requires a cotton square. (Fine, call me lazy, but anything that requires zero to no effort is going to get more use, and that’s just the truth.)

You can use Beauty Elixir as a base for your foundation or to set your makeup between foundation and powder for heavier makeup days. Certainly on those days when your makeup does feel a bit caked and heavy, a quick misting gives you a splash of freshness without messing up your makeup. And I especially enjoy it as an end of day. It’s just what I need to feel human again! At Caudalie for $16. To celebrate the new US ecommerce site, they are offering 15% off with code NEWSITE.



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  1. This sounds heavenly! Especially with how hot it has been lately. Mists are so wonderful because you don’t have to wipe them all over your face. I know you had mentioned that out of laziness you prefer the mist, but also in your defense you can’t wipe a regular toner on your face after you have applied makeup or you will be a disaster.