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Céline “Trapeze” Bag: Gorgeous Enough to Inspire Acrobatics

If Céline‘s Luggage tote is the edgy answer to the Birkin, then the Trapeze is the Kelly’s more flamboyant counterpart. Single-handled with a large, sure-of-itself flap, it’s more streamlined and elegant than the Luggage, which, while appealing, verges on the cluttered side. Not the Trapeze. It has the foundation of a traditional tote – the classic square-ish shape and simple clasp on a foldover closure – but clearly, this bag is anything but traditional.

With fanned-out sides (that may be tucked in for an even more sleek silhouette), so distinctive in their bold direction and flared shape, it’s both uncomplicated and totally wild. In light-catching calfskin leather, winter-divine calfskin and shearling, irresistible python, and crocodile-embossed (plus, in two sizes), it’s going to be a tough call to choose just one. It’s swinging, it’s shapely, and since it definitely has the potential to put conventional tote bags to shame, it might inspire a Céline revolution (not that there’s not one in progress already!). I feel a major obsession coming on…
For $1,800 at Colette (in crocodile-embossed) and By George in Austin, Texas.

9 thoughts on “Céline “Trapeze” Bag: Gorgeous Enough to Inspire Acrobatics

  1. Gorgeous bags, but where can one find Celine bags? I guess that’s why they get compared to Hermes, you have to hunt them down! :)

  2. very nice ,have any more ?

  3. I get all of my Celine bags from a girl in Scottsdale at Barney’s. Call Lainika in Scottsdale. She can get any bag. 602-337-6077.

  4. wow, very nice handbags
    love celine so much

  5. I just picked my very own tumbled leather version in Black with suede wings! It will replace ALL my other bags for a long time to come! I am pleased with it!

  6. Celine bag design so unique, fashionable, and got a high taste and also high creativity.

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