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Choker Necklaces: I'm Getting All Choked Up


Fall is equated with a tightening-up of sorts. Enter the structured jackets, sharper heels, stiffer leathers, and buttoned-up shirts. Which means our jewels should get a crisp makeover, as well. Give your loosely layered beads and dangling pendants a break and lock yourself into a choker. Stern yet intricate, the new chokers function more like byzantine collars, which would give depth, dimension and intrigue to even your most exhausted of crew-neck tees.

Isabel Marant‘s unadorned brass ring ($165) gets the power-punch of a big horn pendant. Simple meets statement means you can layer other strands around your neck. Speaking of statements, Anndra Neen‘s mega-V ($825) is made of malleable golden nickel-silver so you can conform it comfortably to your throat. Shell-inspired with a shocking pink braid, the “Moroccoy” necklace by Aurelie Biderman ($2,258) is sure to set off a few conversations.

If you’re more into heavy metals than the boldly exotic, Lanvin ($1,345) serves up some sparkle and heft – countless chains are trimmed with a crystal-bedecked buckle – and Delfina Delettrez ($2,049) poses the question, why not wear your collar separate from your shirt? Her sleek collar is pure sculpture for the collarbones. You simply cannot go wrong with vintage Cartier ($13,495) – a choker like this (four rows of 18-karat gold circa 1982) will never go out of style.


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