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Iosselliani Shaded Fringe Multi Chain Necklace: More is More


The look this season? Layers upon layers of various chains, textures, tones and charms. Nothing embodies that trend more than this Iosselliani Muliti-chain necklace where you have a little of everything amounting to a whole lotta style. You have snaked gold chain transitioning to anthracite with a bit of rainbow gradient in between, there are rhinestones, red stones and shell charms all in a well orchestrated tangled mess. Old meets new in a piece that is thoroughly original and fantastically bold. There will be no boring outfits in your closet once you have this ace in the hole. Keep it simple with a solid dress or top but the way I see this shining is with a fearless print. At ShopBop for $536.

Pair With: Thakoon Asymmetrical Shoulder Dress that is also traditional on the surface (only the print) but is morphed into a modern work of art with simple twists and turns.


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