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Jana Feifer vs. Céline: Two Times the Two-Tone Totes


Does Jana Feifer’s tote look oddly familiar to you? That’s because it is. Meet the look-alike of the week! Jana Feifer’s relaxed leather bag is a direct riff on Céline’s “Bi-Cabas” tote. But Céline wasn’t doing anything exactly brand-new in the first place. Simple, north-to-south, two-handled tote bags are as simple and classic as they come, and color-blocking is by no means a novel concept – we’ve taken it right out of the mod sixties.

So why spend more when you can spend less? While Céline’s is albeit far more luxe, in rich lambskin with fine stitching and a more structured look (higher-quality leather will do that), but Jana Feifer’s softer, slouchier take in carefree color combinations, is equally agreeable. I say if you love the style, take advantage of this good frugal option – and save your cash for a Céline that can’t be as readily recreated, like the “Luggage Phantom.”

Jana Feifer Two-Toned Leather Tote available in White/Orangeicon, Coral/Greenicon, and Orange/Magentaicon on Elyse Walker for $550.



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