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Jil Sander Two-Tone Leather Clutch and Textured Leather Pyramid Clutch: Rainbow Rite

If only everyone could grasp color-blocking the way Jil Sander does. Highbrow and conceptual, yet still appealing to the senses and powerful on the eyes – I love their understated interpretations of the biggest fashion trend of the year. How often do you use words like “minimalist” and “chic” to describe color-blocked bags, let alone ones this dynamically bright? That’s because Jil Sander understands you don’t need a whole spectrum of shades to pack an energizing punch (and you also don’t even need to spend close to $1K!). Our lovely bags shouldn’t resemble a bag of Skittles or a pack of Fruit Stripe gum. Or even a mini-box of Crayola crayons.

Just look to their two-tone leather clutch – using only two contrasts colors, in lieu of every color in the rainbow, the look has a higher impact, and it’s further refined with the contrast of a sleek white strap. The same goes for the pyramid clutch – such a juicy lemon hue doesn’t need visual accompaniment when it’s set on a quirky shape. When it comes to colorblocking for the new season, brighter might still be better but less is definitely more.

Two-Tone Leather Clutch on Net-a-Porter for $750.

Textured-Leather Pyramid Clutch on Net-a-Porter for $500.

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2 thoughts on “Jil Sander Two-Tone Leather Clutch and Textured Leather Pyramid Clutch: Rainbow Rite”

    1. Hi Colleen, I’d definitely do the Elephant… such a chic color and shows the design better than black. Plum is yummy, too! Hope this helps! xoxo Tina


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