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MAC Mineralize Charged Water Skin Hydrating Mist: Morning Mist

When I first saw the bottle of MAC‘s skin hydrating mist, I figured it probably wouldn’t do much more than what a spritz of Evian does for my skin – moistens and refreshes, but then just leaves a sprinkling of water on my face. While I wouldn’t call it exactly life-changing, their charged water is a pleasant surprise and an agreeable moisturizing experience.

The directions say to spray it on your face after washing and before adding your own moisturizer. Just one firm spritz (held about six inches away from your face) of the lightly scented formula – it kind of has notes of lemon and olive oil – and not only are you fully woken up, your skin suddenly has a satiny finish. Instantly supple, and even a little on the lush side. It actually has caffeine and diamond powder to perk up your skin – perfect for pre-makeup application first thing in the morning, particularly on days when you’re tired or a little hungover. Go for another spritz later on when you feel your foundation melting – it’s made to reset makeup, too. At Nordstrom for $22.



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