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New from Givenchy

Usually when I opt for a bold eye color I go with grey, brown, or black shadow and line my eyes with a popping colored liner on my top lash line, but I am so tempted to buy Givenchy’s Le Prismissime 9-Colors Eyeshadow 61 Acid Lights ($62). How eye catching is this limited edition set?? Plus it’s completely decked-out, like all of Givenchy’s beauty products, with two sponge tip applicators and an angled brush applicator. It’s so rare these days for products, even luxury ones, to come with brush applicators, which I find completely obnoxious. Am I the only one who doesn’t want to use my fingers or lug around a brush when I’m on the go?

Another product that caught my eye is Les Ombres De Lune Shadow & Light Eyes ($58). Again love that it comes with a trio of applicators and that it combines multiple essentials in one easy-to-tote compact. In this case you’ve got an illuminating powder that can be used on your face, cheeks, or eyes and a shadow. They’re two options to choose from and both are limited edition. The one worry I have is about the powder and shadow mixing, so if you do decide to get this make sure to pad lightly and blow off any excess powder to avoid cross contamination!


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  1. I bought Acid Lights and like it so much bought a back-up since it is limited edition. The colors and application are very different but work!