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Nexxus Therappe Luxury Moisturizing Shampoo: A Smell is Worth a Thousand Washes


I forgot how much I love the scents of Nexxus – their shampoo is like old-school suntan lotion, all coconut and delicious, and the conditioner is like a daiquiri or a piña colada. They both smell good enough to drink!

The Therappe shampoo formulation (with honey, rosemary, avocado oil, and chamomile flower extract ) adds moisture back into hair that you’ve treated too harshly. I’m not saying it actually reverses damage, but with daily use it does prevent it. I know firsthand because my really long hair requires pretty tough maintenance. The ends of my hair get totally fried from constant styling (I love my curling iron way too much!). I just don’t give my poor hair a chance. At least using this shampoo keeps my hair from getting too terribly harmed – enough so that I actually don’t have to get the ends trimmed as often, and that’s a huge difference!

On the downside, I do feel there is some build-up, especially with the conditioner, but then I always have my ABBA Pure Detox Shampoo that I use once a week to take care of that (I just don’t like using it on a regular basis as it is too stripping.)

Between the Nexxus scent (mmm!) and the sheen (ahh…) on my hair, the Therappe Luxury Moisturizing Shampoo and Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner are keepers, especially to counter summer’s wear and tear on my hair. Shampoo, $15.99, and Conditioner,$18, on Amazon.



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