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NuBra Feather-Lite: This Ought to Perk You Up


Anti-bra brilliance! While I never could get used to the heavy weight of the original silicone NuBra, the padded self-adhesive bra that’s all cups and no straps, I just got the feather-light version, and I’m officially hooked. At last, all my back-baring top and dress issues have been solved! It’s 70% lighter than the original and with no padding, it just provides subtle lift and cleavage. Sure, it looks a little silly on, but with even the gauziest of sheer layers over it, you see nothing but perky, natural boobs. The Feather-Lite literally molds to your body, so you don’t have to worry about it going anywhere. In a form-hugging blend of polyester, silicon, and polyurethane foam, it’s washable and doesn’t lump or sag in the slightest. Full coverage and nothing to hide: this is simply a must. On Amazon for $29.99.

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