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Serge Normant Meta Lush Volumizer: Va-Va-Volume


The top hair stylist in fashion and in Hollywood is undeniably Serge Normant. His regulars include the likes of Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Hudson, and Julianne Moore. Those are some pretty special heads of hair. Lucky for us, his secret to creating his fabulous styles is now available at retail!

His Meta Lush Volumizer is called a “wonder-spray” for good reasons. It does exactly what our hair needs and what we want – it adds volume, styling flexibility, and maximum hold without the dreaded stiffness and flaking. You get that salon look right in your own home (every hair product ad boasts it, but this is the real deal!). The added volume is a result of the natural botanicals. Proteins strengthen hair, vitamins give it shine, and a UV protector keeps color from fading. All the bases are covered!

I had tried doing a big-hair, sixties-bombshell look with my regular hairspray and the ‘do only lasted ten minutes at the most. Serge Normant’s spray allows you to work your entire head of hair into a style with zero stiffness, and it keeps that look all night. Move over, movie stars, here we come – you’re lush locks are getting a run for their money. At Barneys New York for $23.



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