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SmartThreads 1=1 College Couture

Hey college snobs– how many college sweat shirts do you own that remind you more of your pajamas than couture?!  Well I have the solution for you– this Emily jacket from Smartthreads brings a touch of “Jil Sanders” into an otherwise uninspiring collegiate fashion world.

Smatthreads 1=1 is a new brand representing the best in fashion along with a socially conscious mission. Their mission of 1=1 means for every $1 the brand makes, 50% goes towards their charitable partners providing monetary support to build sustainable project or in the form of a garment donation to someone in need. (We don’t need to tell you how major that is!) We love shopping for a good cause, especially if it has anything to do with our Alma Mater, USC!

The extensive line ranges from Tees ($24) and up to $80 for jackets. It was debuted on 8/15 at USC Bookstores and will be hitting select university stores across the country. For more information about this cool new line, visit them at: Smartthreads

I was never without a Prada or Chanel bag slung over my shoulders on campus (no backpacks for me, I hand-carried my books, lol!) but if I were in school now, I’d be rocking this Pierre Hardy with my Smartthreads jacket!  Check out the Smartthreads Facebook Fanpage Here and keep up with their Blog here!

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